Stealth Cam

Turning clothing into gear

Sitka® hunting gear Is more than everyday apparel—it provides protection from the outdoors, comfort in tough conditions, and camouflage from keen eyes in the wild. Outfit your next hunting adventure with the Sitka stamp of quality.


Move Unseen

Sitka camouflage leans on the latest in design innovation to help you disappear into your surroundings. Featuring realistic outdoor colours, shadows and countours to match a variety of regions and terrains, Sitka lets you get up close without blowing your cover.

Hide Out in the Open

Whether you’re crouched on a barren ridge or sitting up in a tree, Sitka camouflage apparel is designed to help you remain cool, comfortable and unseen. Find the hunting apparel that is right for your terrain and climate on your next big game hunt.

Stay Ahead of the Flock

Stay warm and dry in even the wettest conditions while hunting waterfowl. Sitka Waterfowl Marsh camouflage features realistic colours and textures that let you disappear into cornfields, marshlands, and other waterfowl hunting hotspots.

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