Camo Pattern Buyer's Guide

Got questions about camo patterns? We have the answers in this camo buyer’s guide.

Forest Patterns
TrueTimber® HTC Green
Some might say that green symbolizes both the beginning and end of seasons for hunters. From the foggy mornings of Turkey Season in May, to crisp September afternoons during Archery Season — HTC Green conceals hunters against the remaining color of recent foliage. The perfect mix of oak limbs, leaves, and twigs dissolves movement into various green landscape patterns. For those who chase game year round, HTC Green follows one season's end, only to join another season's beginning.
TrueTimber® Kanati
Named after The first hunter who taught all others. He never missed, and so his people never went hungry. His name was Kanati — the namesake of our most popular pattern to date. Kanati captures elements of brush, twigs, limbs, bark and leaves from their natural environment, to form a best-selling camouflage pattern that is versatile and effective in forests and woodlands everywhere.
Under Armour® Forest/Black
With a colour palette designed to adapt to a variety of hardwoods, UA Forest All-Season Camo is effective anywhere trees are found — regardless of season or foliage. It's perfect for thick bush in early season. Highly adaptable for use in a tree stand or on the ground.
Sitka® Optifade Elevated II
Elevated II is designed for whitetail hunters in an elevated position. Its macro and micro pattern configurations echo the higher contrast of bright sky against the shaded underside of foliage while allowing hunters to extend their season as the leaves change. It’s designed for engagement ranges of 80 yards or less and keeps the hunter undetectable at 15 feet up in a tree stand.

Marsh/Waterfowl Patterns
TrueTimber® D.R.T
DRT combines brown and gray contrast colours that are dark enough for swamp and wetlands, with a hazy yellow for cattails and harvested fields that make this pattern reliable in many landscapes.
TrueTimber® Prairie
TrueTimber® Prairie incorporates both macro and micro camo schematics. The macro design breaks up the human outline at all distances while the micro design melts into any terrain at close range. Originally designed as an abstract waterfowl pattern, Prairie has quickly gained traction outside the wetlands, blinds, and marshes sloughs. Prairie can easily transition from open flatlands to open desert terrain and from the tree stand to the duck blind without missing a beat.

Open Country Patterns
TrueTimber® Strata
Natural hues and shades disappear in any hunting landscape. Unique shapes and symmetry combine with form-blending false edges for maximum concealment. An all-purpose tactical pattern, Strata incorporates both macro and micro camo. From the Rocky Mountains of the West, to the Canadian Prairies, to the leafless late season hardwoods of the East, this all-purpose hunting pattern is very effective from coast to coast.
ZonzWestern TrueTimber® VSX
VSX was designed using our micro and macro schematics technology, making this pattern just as effective from the top of the highest mountain terrains to the wide-open prairies and woodland thickets. The strategic, non-directional shapes and texturization uses lights and darks working together to break up the human outline at close and long distances. The colours are made up of natural grays, browns, and greens found across all outdoor environments and seasons, making this pattern extremely diverse and virtually invisible to any game you're pursuing.
viper-western TrueTimber® Viper Western
Blends sagebrush, rock, prairie grasses and open zones with contrasting shadows of light and dark vegetation. The diverse pattern of elements combines to camouflage you in prairies, croplands, covered hillsides, and even desert and rocky terrain. Shadows add depth and perception to this earth-toned, high-resolution camoflauge and provides true concealment to hunters in almost any environment.
barren-black Under Armour® Barren/Black
Built with a colour palette that works best in locations absent of abundant foliage and deciduous forest. These environments include, but are not limited to, high desert, vast desert, rocky/mountainous terrain, and sage fields.
subalpine Sitka® Optifade Subalpine
Subalpine is designed for stalking and ambushing ungulates from ground level in tree-covered and vegetated terrain. Subalpine is optimized for engagement ranges of 50 yards and less.
Optifade_OpenCountry Sitka® Optifade Open Country
Open Country is scientifically optimized for engagement ranges of 40 yards and beyond at ground level, in rocky terrain above the timber line. The Open Country pattern uses the larger neutral areas of the pattern (macro pattern) that are more critical to concealment at greater engagement ranges.

Snow/Winter Patterns
TrueTimber® Conceal Snow
In snowy landscapes, overlapping limbs blend with twigs and brush to create an incredible multi-dimensional camouflage pattern. Shades of tan, gray and green surface above the hazy backdrop, making this pattern ideal for scrub lands, high timber, mixed timber, cedar breaks, and brushy terrain. This high-resolution pattern combines light and dark contrasts, along with snow-covered branches to create one of the most detailed and efficient snow patterns on the market.
TrueTimber® Tundra
Tundra incorporates the macro and micro camo schemes with muted and lightened colors for the snow-covered landscape. Tundra excels at disrupting the human outline at any distance, on any winter terrain. TrueTimber® Tundra is your ideal pattern for your next big game, waterfowl, and predator late-season pursuits.
ZonzWoodlandsSnow TrueTimber® Viper Snow
The Viper Snow design and coloration was scientifically engineered to break up your outline and disguise movements in all snowy conditions.