Consumer Product Notices

Rapala® Rechargeable Fillet Knife
(Battery Replacement)

The batteries in certain older versions of Rapala® rechargeable fillet knives (product no. RRFN) may overheat or catch fire if charged with a charger other than the Rapala® charger sold with the knives.

RapalaUSA will replace, free of charge, all affected batteries (all of which were sold before 2019) with new batteries that have additional voltage-protection features.

To determine if your rechargeable fillet knife is affected, remove the battery from the knife. If the battery does not have an ETL label as shown below, the battery will be replaced.

For more information, email or call 800-874-4451 toll-free.

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Breakthrough Military Grade Solvent 

Issue: The product lacks the mandatory child-resistant packaging and Canadian hazard information.

What to do: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled product, ensure the recalled product is stored out of reach of children, and contact Blue Line Solutions for further instructions.

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Due to an unannounced change in the manufacturing process, some of the faux suppressor barrel-sleeved GSG-15 rifles may not meet minimum overall length requirements.

This applies only to the GSG-15 SD Semi-Auto .22LR calibre rifles with attached faux suppressor barrel sleeves (Cabela’s article #275424 or Bass Pro article #2911678), purchased between July 1, 2020 and November 10, 2020. All other GSG-15 models are unaffected.

Customers who have purchased this rifle are encouraged to contact GSG’s Product Service Centre at Blue Line Solutions to get their barrel sleeve exchanged for a correct one.

Blue Line Solutions
(604) 428-2583 ext. 0

The RCMP has approved this procedure. The owners of applicable GSG-15s will not be affected, and all rifles will remain Non-Restricted, so long as the new barrel sleeves are installed in a timely manner.

WINCHESTER® Super-X 17 HMR 20 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point
WITH SYMBOL X17HMR1, Lot Numbers NB51 and NB61

Winchester® has initiated a voluntary recall of 17 HMR 20 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point rimfire ammunition, Symbol number X17MHR1, lot numbers NB51 and NB61

Winchester has determined the above lots of 17 HMR ammunition may contain no powder charges. Ammunition with no powder charges may result in a bullet remaining in the barrel (i.e., a bullet-in-bore obstruction). Firing a subsequent bullet into the bore obstruction could cause firearm damage, rendering the firearm inoperable and subjecting the shooter and bystanders to a risk of serious personal injury.

The ammunition Lot Number is stamped on the top of the 1000-round case and the outside of the 50-round plastic box as indicated here.

If it is Symbol X17HMR1 and the last four characters of the Lot Number are NB51 or NB61, immediately discontinue use and contact Winchester toll-free at 844-653-8358 for free UPS pick-up of the recalled ammunition.

For more information, please visit

Kodiak Defence Inc. - Voluntary recall for WK180C bolt Carrier

Kodiak Defence Inc. is announcing a voluntary recall for the WK180C bolt carrier. This recall covers rifles produced from 21 Dec 18 - 30 Apr 19, with serial numbers ranging from CA-0949-18 to 19CA2246. Not all serial numbers within this range will be affected, however all affected customers are encouraged to follow the procedure below.

For procedure information, please see Procedure Information.


Winchester® has initiated a voluntary recall of 38 Special 130 Grain Full Metal Jacket centerfire ammunition, Symbol number USA38SPVP, lot numbers KF21, KL30, and KM52. Winchester has determined the aforementioned lots of 38 Special ammunition may contain incorrect powder charges. Ammunition with excessive powder charges may cause firearm damage, rendering it inoperable, and subjecting the shooter and bystanders to a risk of serious personal injury or death.

The ammunition Lot Number is ink stamped inside the right tuck flap of the 100-round carton as indicated here. The symbol is printed above the UPC bar code.

For more information, please visit

Reliance Bio Blue Deodorant for Chemical Toilet – 12 x 0.5 oz. self-dissolving pouches
Reliance Bio Blue Fluid – 16 oz./473 ml bottle

Reliance has announced it will conduct a product recall for the above items. The products are being recalled because they do not meet Health Canada’s regulations for chemical hazard labelling and child-resistant packaging. There have been no reported incidents or injuries regarding these products in Canada. For more information, visit: