In-Store Pick-Up FAQ

In-Store Pick Up

This convenient shipping option allows you to place an order and SHIP FOR FREE to the Canadian Cabela's retail store location of your choosing.


Follow these steps to get FREE SHIPPING using Cabela's In-Store Pick-Up:
1. Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart.
2. Choose In-Store Pick-Up during checkout as your Shipping Address.
3. Select the store where you want to pick-up your items.
4. Specify a Pick-Up Person and provide a phone number for that person.
5. In approximately 5-8* business days (after the order leaves our facility) the Pick-Up Person will receive a call that the order is ready for pick-up!

* Due to travel times orders shipped to Barrie and Nanaimo may require up to 12 business days for delivery. All delivery estimates are based on the shipping time after the order leaves our facilities. Some articles will require a delay before they can be shipped. Black Powder and GOEX are not available through our In-Store Pick-Up program.

Are All Items Eligible for In-Store Pick-Up?

At the present time nearly everything is available through the In-Store Pick-Up program with the exception of Restricted and Used firearms, special order items and certain hazardous goods.  All other items are available (including non-restricted firearms) unless prohibited by local restrictions in the Province where the store is located.


Can I Track My Packages?
Items being shipped to a store are not shipped via traditional carriers so they cannot be tracked.  We will notify you when your items are ready for pick-up at the store.


When Do I Pick-Up My Order?
In-stock items will arrive at your store and once ready the Pick-Up Person will receive a phone call.  Pick-Up hours are the same as store hours.  Store hours can be found in the Retail Stores section on our web site.


What About Items On My Order That Are Shown As "Backorderable"?
Once stock is received and the items have been processed in our warehouse we will ship them to the store.  The Pick-Up Person will receive a phone call once the items are ready for pick-up.


Where Do I Pick-Up My Order?
Depending on the store, you may pick-up your order at either the In-Store Pick-Up counter or at the Customer Service desk. Pick-Up hours are the same as store hours.   Store hours can be found in the Retail Stores section on our web site.


Who Can Pick-Up My Order?
Normally, the person placing the order is designated as the Pick-Up Person.  To designate someone other than this person, enter the name and phone number in the Pick-Up Person section during checkout.  To change the Pick-Up Person after the order has been placed please call Customer Care at 1-800-265-6245.


What Information Do I Need to Pick-Up My Order?
The designated Pick-Up Person will need to provide a valid photo ID along with the order number.  Note: To pick up a firearm or ammunition the PAL cardholder must be the designated Pick-Up Person.  Additionally, the PAL cardholder will be required to show their valid PAL.


Note: Due to the nature of these products, the following items require that the Pick-Up Person be 18 years of age or older (list subject to change without notice): firearms, ammunition, knives, axes and other such tools, powders, primers, percussion caps, flares, lighters, fuel products, airsoft guns and products, airguns and airgun products, bows and crossbows.