Gift Card FAQs

Where can I buy a Cabela's gift card?
You can purchase a gift card at any Cabela's Retail Store, right here on the Cabela's website, through the Cabela”s Customer service at 1.800.265.6245 or from Gift Card Mall displays located within select retail merchants.

Does Cabela's offer eGiftCards?
Yes - click on the Cabela's eGiftCards after closing this window.

Where can I redeem a Cabela's gift card or eGiftCard?
Cabela's gift cards and eGiftCards are accepted online at, through the Cabela's Customer Service at 1.800.265.6245 or at any Cabela's Canada Retail Store.

How can I check the balance of my gift card or eGiftCard?
You may check your balance in any of our retail stores or go online and visit the Check Your Balance area of the site. You may also call 1.800.265.6245 for balance information Weekdays 6:00 AM- 9PM. Weekends and Holiday 8:30-5:00 PM.

Does my Cabela's gift card or eGiftCard ever expire?
No - there is no expiration date for Gift Cards or eGiftCards! But why wait to shop for the perfect hunting, fishing or outdoor gear?

What if I lose my Gift Card or eGiftCard?
We will replace the remaining value on a lost or stolen gift card when the original receipt is presented. Please call 1.800.265.6245 for additional assistance.

Can I use my printed paper Gift Cards?
Yes! Cabela's Canada printed eGift cards are accepted in any of our stores, online or through our Call Center at 1.800.265.6245.

If I don't use my gift card or eGiftCard right away, will I be charged any fees?
No - there are no additional fees associated with Cabela's gift cards or eGiftCards!

Can I reload my Gift Card?
No - Cabela's gift cards are not reloadable.

My card no longer works. Can it be replaced?
We will replace the remaining value on a damaged gift card when the original receipt is presented. As long as the card number and balance can be verified. This can be done at any of our Store locations or through our customer service at 1.800.265.6245.

Can I return an item that I have purchased using a gift card?
Yes, simply return the merchandise along with your receipt and the return will be credited to a new gift card.

Does Cabela's offer Corporate discounts on bulk Gift Card purchases?
Yes! For more information, please contact our Corporate Sales Division at 1.800.265.6245 Or, click on this email to request more information quotation at You can also contact us by phone at 1.800.265.6245

Does Cabela's offer Customized Gift Cards?
Not at this time. We have image designs for many occasions and provide quotations for bulk purchases.

I have US Gift cards. Can I use them in Canada?
Our Customer Service Centre 1.800.265.6245 can exchange them for Canadian Gift cards. Unfortunately they cannot be used directly at our retail stores or online at this time. Allow time for mailing our replacements. We exchange at par.

How do I use my “Happy Card” Gift Card to make a purchase?

  1. Enter the 16-Digit Card number located on the back of the Happy Card in the credit card field. Do not enter the 16-Digit Card number into the gift card field.
  2. Choose “Visa” as the Card Type.
  3. Enter the Expiry Date and CVV info as shown on the Happy Card.

What if my purchase is more than the value available on the “Happy Card” Gift Card?
If your purchase is larger than your balance, contact Cabela’s Customer service at 1.800.265.6245 to place the order.